All hands on deck

Girl power

 Showing Fresia how to play with elephants.  Making family history or herstory.


How about that!

Gold is always in fashion!


Today I blew the arrows.

I thought the right off the lot was hwy 235 BUT it was Fairground Rd and my journey took me on the pink line. I was supposed to basically just get on I-70 east.
My big adventure took me ONLY an extra 6 miles. It was very hilly and exciting!!

Sheep show/human animal bond

Sheep are quite beautiful. I strolled around and thought of picking up all the wool.We are sharing the grounds with a sheep show. The grass lot where we are showing  is pretty soggy. Not a day to strut in heels.

Fridman is welding new boxes for the new "shop truck". My truck is now the shop truck and I am moving to the air conditioned prop truck. 

Jeremiah made split peas soup and he saved me this !! 

It is all about the ring.

Luis is manicuring and perfecting the ring.

Sometimes some of yesterday's town gets rolled up in the tent and comes to the next town.

The challenge of gravel, nothing says I love your feet like sawdust (especially if you way 9,000 pounds).

The luxury of circus life

If you have experienced a traveling tented show you are a very fortunate individual.
Standing in the tent smelling the perfumes of spring is an elixir.