Winter in Sarasota

I have been a terrible blogger. There is always something to blog about when you are dealing with death defying rigging. Ringmaster, yogi, wife and mother are very interesting but it seems desperate to blog about these things. I guess I miss my identity of  Becky the aerialist more than being an aerialist. Actually I still am practicing my act, hanging by my teeth and toes etc.

Winter in Sarasota is always eventful !!
I pick up some catering gigs at Michael's on East, whenever I work with the LEGEND Rietta we get in trouble for chit chat.. We have so much fun taking a traditional toe point photo. We are so pleased with our latest endeavor we decided we are going to Vegas baby.
photo credit Fresia

I saw a photo of Steve and Ryan, super clowns and was quite pleased that Marshall and my costume from Halloween 2013 might have been inspirational in their costuming ( except for the Siamese twin part ) photo of Marshall and me by Sue Harber

We went to Albert Vonderheid's memorial on the 28th of December. This was so lovely, listening to stories and sharing our love for Albert, Anita, Susan and Maria .

Smiley Jack Daly's memorial was December 27 ! An amazing time sharing stories and honoring this clown, welder, designer, inventor, story teller man about town. The AMAZING Sladek and I did the traditional toe point. photo by Marshall


I have found heaven! On the corner of Second and Orange Street in Sarasota, Florida. Boca Bargoons is the most amazing fabric store. You never know where you are going to find inspiration.

baby Fresca

Being Fresia's web sitter was so much fun for me.

Gypsy life

Town 177, day215, shows 408&409.


All night power! I woke at 5:15 and when I went outside I could see all the constellations, I was probably too enthusiastic telling everyone who came in my path to look at the amazing sky. We had a 5:30am call and that is the reason I was up at this very early hour. The sun came up during the drive and I could see the frost from the road. The frost was still on the ground at 7:30am when we arrived. We have 16 shows left.

Bacon !

thank you Jeremiah for making us BLT sandwiches !!!