Walking around the town somewhere, Illinois

Chicagoland is mostly civilized except for the terrorists with their horrible homemade signs, their yelling, vulgarity and death wishes.
We have lots of 2 day stands, occasional night travel and this translates into beauty sleep. We who work in this traveling slice of magic find this most civilized.
I think most of the show has some kind of upper respiratory something or other.
I am loving the September night skies and watching the moon wax. Only 2 more full moons to go, the corn will be high and the circus can rest till March.

Travels with the circus - day 163, 60 days left

I am in Michigan, I have come to the realization that I can not blog on my iPhone.
Today we embark on shows 311/312. This is our 138th town. This am we drove 105 miles . this part of the planet always amazes me, at night ink drips on the sky and it becomes black. In the morning we can see the sun and the moon at the same time . We have 2 more full moons before the corn is high and it is time to go home. we have just experienced the hottest summer on record . Sweaty and stinky it was, I had to hand wash my jacket every other day . Yesterday was under 80f, it was so nice to be cool. We didn't have to set up all the big fans in the tent and I used only 1 for the aerial acts .

In Romeo, MI Bill Creed gave me a treasure, a beautiful jewelry box his dad made and his mom lined with felt . He stopped making them in 1995, they are numbered and inlayed with pennies . He made about 418 . I am the proud owner of 419 .

The top photo is of Bill and 2 town folk who enjoyed the tour in the rain ( my Ikea umbrella) and the woman in the marquee is shooting a television spot of Bill interviewing me about the circus. It looks like it was cool but it was raining and actually turned out to be another extremely warm day.

Johnny Kane

I want to know who took our perfect snow globe world and shook it so hard that everything went bizzaro.
Shows closing, people running amok with horrible words and assault weapons.
Everything is changing , nothing is a given .
However , we are still working and appear to be healthy.
Hope springs eternal for me.

this photo was taken in Sebring, Ohio 2016 days before the nails were driven into the casket of the Big Apple Circus. Johnny looks extremely refreshed. I am glad I had the luxury of enjoying the last 3 shows with him as ringmaster.

I hope that something magical happens and they rise from the ashes to perform at Lincoln Center NYC .

Always remember fashion first

Lamount and Jason

American ways

In my spare time

Washed wool
Unwashed wool

Washing wool
We followed a fiber festival, someone had left some sheared sheep so I picked it up, washed it, dried it and now I will somehow turn it into yarn.

Ohio friends

I love our Ohio friends ! Always a great day when we see Forrest.