pimping lockers

what can I say...

Thanksgiving dinner

Fresia has a job !! she babysits Camilla

Lori B, photog extroadanaire

Lori B getting ready to ride an elephant in spec..eyelashes Kryolan b-3, make up assistance Christine B and Dallas Z.


Madison is in wardrobe , ready to assist her daddy ,Shane in his excellent juggling act.


Web in Evansville in amazing!! they are really really high!! my web is great. It is hung higher than ever!Everything comes out in the wash in Evansville.

Evansville 2009

Wednesday November 25, 2009

Fresia and I are camping out in Evansville. I ,the Enchanting Miss Rebecca ,packed up and left Loomis Brothers for the week to venture to the "big one". I am now The Ravishing Rebecca. I am doing Roman rings with iron jaw.It took me about 25 hours to get here. I feel very not good.I think I am sick.

I will miss doing my act on LBC. I will miss all the people on that show that make it great.

In Evansville everything is big and high. There are 19 woman in the air at once.
It is always mind boggling to be here. I am missing some friends who have retired or have left planet earth.

This is a big date with big acts, lots of animals and thrills, a 16 piece orchestra.

say no more

Fresia makes art or is it heART

this is why children should play with their food


handsome beast

horse and shadow

out of focus BUT the shadow is so cool

safety first

some days when we were hanging by the tips of our fingers we wished we had bought or not lost or not forgotten a rigging harness..it would have been so much safer for everyone

show musicians

Denis Sherman- drummer

Marshall Eckelman- trumpet player

show kids

Jolly Roger in dry dock..

Henry Loomis

a man of mystery

I am very lucky

north central florida...I spied a tire place and the Scythian needed some new tires.

We gave the tire a wiggle and the whole wheel moved while bolted to the axel. What does this mean ??? The mighty Scythian needs new bearings.. six inner and outer and new seals. We have taken care of this casa with wheels, we cleaned and repacked them every year! with love. The bearings were done.. Twenty years is a long time to be packed and repacked..

I am lucky this played out like this, not while I was driving and burning a spindle in the process.. I am waiting waiting waiting for one more seal. It is one pm . I still have to set up my rigging!

I decided the mechanic who did the work had a blogworth tattoo

northwest coast of Florida

Yesterday Robin and Lana bought me a beautiful coffee cup and some flowers.

Abby and Carmen moved into the showgirl sleeper.

today I did Bikram hot hot hot yoga and then got the most excellent massage.My neck feels funky

upon returning to the lot I struck up a conversation with a couple of cops aka Johnny Law, they thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. They also thought I looked 35 HA HA HA!!! Do I have sucker written all over my face ???

However I am their hero for the day.

For tear down of trapeze I climbed an aerial ladder while it was held with a rope..easy peasy

A couple of strange things that have happened on this tour. A gun was pulled on someone . Someone chased someone with a speaker stand.We call that scenario "shoot out at the ok corral" A patron amused oneself during the performance in front of other patrons.Johnny Law intervened.

Bombay Sapphire Gin is very tasty with a few slices of Kosher pickle and on the rocks

I just found out today that I am the Ravishing Rebecca! I love Paul Kaye !!

Fresia , Marshall and Spartacus are coming on this show for the weekend.

I love my couch!

Sladek is back.

today we are in a building with big high beams. It was Sladek's turn to climb around. I get the not super high itsy bitty cramped miniature beams.

Sladek can rig any act anywhere while doing an arabesque.His only vice is he drinks Tab ,the original diet beverage.

may all your days be circus days

today Jack Ryan came to the show,he brought his friend Ken Young along. They brought me a huge prize of Gin.

Today I had to climb into the bottom of the prop truck to retrieve my poles, I got very dirty.

We got people! biz was good!!

Abby and I had a beef, We have now resolved our conflict.

Laura Herriot Ortiz looks fabulous.


Tuesday November 10, 2009

Still in the panhandle somewhere. Last night I drove thru some of Ida's tears.

Yesterday's town was a little Alabama armory. I did the ladder against the wall, push the tile out of the way, pull myself up on the beam and hang all the rigging kind of deal. The space was very tiny. I was a little challenged in manuvering around the beams and have many bruises. I couldn't do swinging on my trapeze because I would have damaged the tiles ($$$$$$)

I have no photographs of my "rigging work" because when you are a ninja in the beams photography is not always an option.

black beauty

Friday November 2009 somewhere in the panhandle....

Fuel injector driver module.....not under warranty..noticed some sickness on the night drive, called Ford in the early am..had it repaired by the early afternoon...so much for paying some taxes

truck battery..under warranty

go figure

Brad W

Brad is an animal guy..He does a lot of different things..he walks the wire, he does things on bikes.. I can't keep up with all his acts. A couple of years ago We were on the same show and he was the rigging guy. He helped me set up and tear down. He came to visit this fine show, him and his entire family helped with my teardown !!! yeah and thanks