single trapeze with iron jaw..that is my act..

I have been performing this act since 1987...

A few amazing people have given me notes or taught me something and they deserve credit because you are only a product of your environment...

Marshall Eckelman -musical inspiration

Elisa King -Graham dance teacher and amazing musical dancer

The Corvinos -most amazing ballet teachers on planet earth

Karen Flanagan- first gig with trapeze and great director

Elaine Ostroff- harsh honest notes

Earl Ostroff- work ethic

Tavana Luvas -aerial greatness

Elvin Bale- keep your legs together when swinging and when you hook your knees over the bar don't dawdle and do something with your hair..that hair, do you have a hairbrush?? ok so maybe I am making that part up

Gary Sladek -keep your legs straight when you pass under the bar

Meg Emery-aerial greatness