my 9am gig

Thank goodness I have a 1/2 a brain for facts , figures , countries and species . Usually almost every set up day ,198 set up days this year , I meet the public ( my new friends ) and tell them all about the show , about us , sometimes I answer questions , especially when I am dragging in the brain department , sometimes I threaten them with a $2 per question charge . Anyway it is fun and talking is exhausting , I am out of talking for now .

These are almost all the guys and Lisa that I spent 198 (almost) mornings with .
Always nice to think , I did this cool thing . Marshall is the tall fuzzy headed dude second to right .

spa day

This is what the tent crew does on a multi day stand when we play on asphalt .  The guys are all tied on to the tent with long ropes . They are washing the tent , the beautiful new tent . Made by Mendoza of Mexico City , fabric by Ferrari of France and designed by David Rawls around 1995 . They all said his design wouldn't work . It is a 4 pole , push pole 1 ring , 140 by 140 or a 120 by 120 (depending on who is talking ) with a 40 foot middle , weighing about 10,000 lbs. , seating 1,110 . Set up is under 3 hours , tear down is under 1 hour .

19 shows left

There is something about having 19 shows left that is delightful . I personally get a huge burst of energy . I also seem to see a lot more of the magical everyday stuff .
Lisa , Armando and self , a little circus history going down .
Last night some of us grownups went out to eat at Edamame Restaurant in Ardmore ,OK . I give this restaurant a very great , go there and eat ! The space was beautiful . The building is being renovated in a very respectful way .

Tavana and Danny on love seat with art
I love turnbuckles
Baby Anika and Jacob the babysitter enjoying a grassy lot and perfect weather .

Sawdust and spangles and dreams

It has rained , there is sometimes mud . We do what we must , Big top guys and others rolled out round bales of straw for the patrons . The prop guys and ring guys and performance director put down a wood floor in the back door / back stage /performer entrance  with lots of sawdust and made a sawdust walkway so we could enter the ring all clean and pretty . The large walking into the ring animals used the other performer entrance , the tigers were rolled in ( of course) over the kind wood .

Everyone deals with the mud , it is what it is .
It is always nice when we park on the hard dry road . We pull on our muck boots and make our way across the sometimes high ,  muddy grass to the tent .
I have renamed Johnny Moss to " Johnny Awesome "
It is a lot of logistics to park everything and move everything the most functional way .
sawdust and spangles and living the dream


never a dull moment

Tuesday 7 , 2014
We once knew a man named Doc Maxfield from Mason City . He loved the circus , he loved every one of us . When the circus came to town Doc would drive his big fancy Cadillac and follow the show for as long as he could . If someone was sick he would ask questions and doctor us up .Such a crazy luxury to have a real live doctor on the lot !! I told him I liked his white Stetson cowboy hat ( on him ) the next town I had my own Stetson !! He was generous and kind . The other day we were in some town and I asked the cook if lunch was happening , the show was running late because the lot was soft and mushy from days of torrential rain and logistics and layout took a while . The cook tells me  , yes it is and it is catered . Shut the front door I said inside my head ..I hightailed it to this lovely catered affair and there was the dude in chef blacks and he told me the bank  (where Doc's son works ) was the generous host . Thank you Doc , thank you son John . We all thank you for all your kindness .

Wednesday 8 ,2014
Yesterday was even more bogged down .The lot was so soft that the trucks would have sunk to their axels . We showed on a basketball court open air style . No aerial in the show . We had some guest performers .
Jacob , big top crew and front door guy/head usher did his bmx act , he grabbed a picnic table ..Arwen his girlfriend was tada girl and he did a 360 jump thing over her . It was pretty sweet ! dreams really do come true !
Everyone gathered in the tent to watch and cheer Jacob and Arwen on .

 JP Ballyhoo was joined by Cristian Rosales . I got to ride in the elephant act !! The show was a little shorter but with the full moon and clear skies it was magical and sweet .

Earlier in the day I drove 12 miles to a town to do laundry . of the 23 washers , 5 initially worked and only 2 dryers worked !!

I got all my stuff questionably washed but when Daniel ,Bethany and Zefta showed up and tried to wash clothes some crazy started to happen . One of the washing machines started to smoke and one of the machines started to flood .

450 shows later

Today is October 1 and we have  61 shows left ..
 Yesterday I felt bionic but today I was sore and my hands were stinging .
The highlight of my morning was my new log book ! a new month means a new log book , hope springs eternal ..maybe this month my log book will be neat . I started off with 2 different colored pens and I had to scratch something out .. tomorrow is another day , I will do better .