never a dull moment

Tuesday 7 , 2014
We once knew a man named Doc Maxfield from Mason City . He loved the circus , he loved every one of us . When the circus came to town Doc would drive his big fancy Cadillac and follow the show for as long as he could . If someone was sick he would ask questions and doctor us up .Such a crazy luxury to have a real live doctor on the lot !! I told him I liked his white Stetson cowboy hat ( on him ) the next town I had my own Stetson !! He was generous and kind . The other day we were in some town and I asked the cook if lunch was happening , the show was running late because the lot was soft and mushy from days of torrential rain and logistics and layout took a while . The cook tells me  , yes it is and it is catered . Shut the front door I said inside my head ..I hightailed it to this lovely catered affair and there was the dude in chef blacks and he told me the bank  (where Doc's son works ) was the generous host . Thank you Doc , thank you son John . We all thank you for all your kindness .

Wednesday 8 ,2014
Yesterday was even more bogged down .The lot was so soft that the trucks would have sunk to their axels . We showed on a basketball court open air style . No aerial in the show . We had some guest performers .
Jacob , big top crew and front door guy/head usher did his bmx act , he grabbed a picnic table ..Arwen his girlfriend was tada girl and he did a 360 jump thing over her . It was pretty sweet ! dreams really do come true !
Everyone gathered in the tent to watch and cheer Jacob and Arwen on .

 JP Ballyhoo was joined by Cristian Rosales . I got to ride in the elephant act !! The show was a little shorter but with the full moon and clear skies it was magical and sweet .

Earlier in the day I drove 12 miles to a town to do laundry . of the 23 washers , 5 initially worked and only 2 dryers worked !!

I got all my stuff questionably washed but when Daniel ,Bethany and Zefta showed up and tried to wash clothes some crazy started to happen . One of the washing machines started to smoke and one of the machines started to flood .