Sawdust and spangles and dreams

It has rained , there is sometimes mud . We do what we must , Big top guys and others rolled out round bales of straw for the patrons . The prop guys and ring guys and performance director put down a wood floor in the back door / back stage /performer entrance  with lots of sawdust and made a sawdust walkway so we could enter the ring all clean and pretty . The large walking into the ring animals used the other performer entrance , the tigers were rolled in ( of course) over the kind wood .

Everyone deals with the mud , it is what it is .
It is always nice when we park on the hard dry road . We pull on our muck boots and make our way across the sometimes high ,  muddy grass to the tent .
I have renamed Johnny Moss to " Johnny Awesome "
It is a lot of logistics to park everything and move everything the most functional way .
sawdust and spangles and living the dream