in cold blood

Marshall Eckelman and Jerry Collins someplace in Kansas 1999.

Jerry Collins is the jailer from that famous crime.
The circus is Sterling and Reid.

I had just had a baby and was attempting chin ups , etc.

Fresia and I spent the early part of that summer in Westport,MA. I was on a diet of blueberries, blackberries,cherries,quahogs,lobster, fresh tuna and oysters . Fresia was the most colicky baby ever, hence the special diet !
I didn't sleep for 3 months and sang many fun songs..

the coat hangers made the jump

the garments that hung on them were safe in the dirty laundry bag

closing day

I really wanted to take lots of pictures, it is kind of difficult to be a photog when you are the ringmaster person who does two acts and face paints.

in conclusion the tour was great ! I loved it! the good , the bad, the ugly.
I had many favorite jobs that I got to do. It was a magical time !

Thank you Bob C. for the gig!

I am going to go home and get some sleep, beauty sleep .

A bunch of us from the show are going to visit the Cole Show in Valdosta as we journey to Florida.

My family, my chiropractor, my acupuncturist, my dentist, Starbucks, Hot Yoga, Siesta Beach all the things I do to keep me myself are there in my neighborhood waiting.. I can't wait

I am sounding very me me me-ish.

As I am typing I am listening to my doggie Spartacus snore, how cute

closing day

lights and sound guy Andy

closing day

andy and chelsea

another casualty

Sladek's new generator cracked ! oil everywhere !

a very nice compliment

the other day some circus personalities came to see the show . They loved the show . They also told the owner of the show (who told me) ," that was the best peanut pitch, I ever heard ! "

that is the most happy thing I have ever heard..

I like being the best at things..


night sky

11 more shows, 6 more set ups and tear is amazing how it all ends

this is my first iPhone post...whee

casualties of the road

once upon a time someone drove their trailer up a steep little hill with a big dip, part of their sewer pipe got ripped off

yesterday something else fell off

leaving a trail of honey on the drive

casualties of the road

doe a deer
a female deer
ray a drop of golden sun

Butler, Georgia

Miss Betty's Fried Chicken !! FIVE STARS actually I give it SIX STARS !!!

this chicken has so much love and delishishness it transforms to a gourmet delight.

someplace west of I-75 go west till you get to the intersection of 137 and 19, you will see a small white sort of " is this place open " kind of building and in the words of the immortal Julia Childs , "Bon appetit "

the show is someplace in Georgia where we don't have wireless internet- I must journey to the library, how smart of me..

13 days , 24 shows and I like a bowl of grits and a glass of wine after a big day of crazy

every show is an odyssey.. I live for the end of the day . I am frazzled and tired of every one's idiosyncrasies and obnoxious tendencies. Today was extra special whack jobs..grown people, people who are productive members of society screaming and carrying on . It was like Jerry Springer people! Children attacking the balloon guy, they even stole his hat (he had it coming)

In the opening "production " Sladek started cackling, because my heel got stuck in the ring mat during my opening speech, he so pissed me off that I turned to him and said , " did you take your Ritalin ?" I said this over the microphone.

I referred to myself in the third person during the clown gag. I said to the clown, " The Enchanting Miss Rebecca doesn't say the word there "

The novelty stand people ran out of light up toys and havn't had any for 3 or 4 days soooooooooooooooooo instead of doing "light up toys sales pitches" I have to make up stalls...omg

Michelle has bronchitis so no snake snake and alligator photos till she is not contagious or in agony

Elizabeth is performing her hair hang instead of her hula hoops so more stalls as we switch from the ipod to the itouch and back,

..I got stung by a wasp a week ago and the meds/antibacterial drugs are pretty intense. I think they will take care of mersa or anything else..

us that never miss finale decided that we need days off from finale, I think fines should be imposed for those that miss finale ..

exciting news for John Kennedy Kane , he premiered his one man play, "My life in the Basement" at some theater in Buffalo , NY !! they signed him for a month !I can't wait to see his play

Mr. Kane gave me great notes and help and focus on becoming a ringmaster.."make it fun", "it is about the audience"..he is generous with his knowledge and experience and has been a wonderful help !

cool nights, clear skies and beautiful stars..

in conclusion tomorrow is another day

the tea cup made the jump!

an antique tea cup of my grandmother or my great grandmother made the journey on a cup hook!

walking thru high grass and fire ants at night is creeping me out, I have treated my tires , blocks and light cords

high grass circus

red dirt,fire ants, high grass

face painting is fun

the young child says, " can you make me a fire breathing dragon?"

side swiped by a semi driving thru Knoxville