Evansville 2009

Wednesday November 25, 2009

Fresia and I are camping out in Evansville. I ,the Enchanting Miss Rebecca ,packed up and left Loomis Brothers for the week to venture to the "big one". I am now The Ravishing Rebecca. I am doing Roman rings with iron jaw.It took me about 25 hours to get here. I feel very not good.I think I am sick.

I will miss doing my act on LBC. I will miss all the people on that show that make it great.

In Evansville everything is big and high. There are 19 woman in the air at once.
It is always mind boggling to be here. I am missing some friends who have retired or have left planet earth.

This is a big date with big acts, lots of animals and thrills, a 16 piece orchestra.

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