northwest coast of Florida

Yesterday Robin and Lana bought me a beautiful coffee cup and some flowers.

Abby and Carmen moved into the showgirl sleeper.

today I did Bikram hot hot hot yoga and then got the most excellent massage.My neck feels funky

upon returning to the lot I struck up a conversation with a couple of cops aka Johnny Law, they thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. They also thought I looked 35 HA HA HA!!! Do I have sucker written all over my face ???

However I am their hero for the day.

For tear down of trapeze I climbed an aerial ladder while it was held with a rope..easy peasy

A couple of strange things that have happened on this tour. A gun was pulled on someone . Someone chased someone with a speaker stand.We call that scenario "shoot out at the ok corral" A patron amused oneself during the performance in front of other patrons.Johnny Law intervened.

Bombay Sapphire Gin is very tasty with a few slices of Kosher pickle and on the rocks

I just found out today that I am the Ravishing Rebecca! I love Paul Kaye !!

Fresia , Marshall and Spartacus are coming on this show for the weekend.

I love my couch!