Hugo or bust..

we are traveling at 400 civilized

by we I am referring to the others, whom I do not know..I do know a few things about these people..just superficial details besides the obvious..
the woman in my row missed her first flight..she is wearing gray glen plaid slacks..
wow stellar observations on the fashion front glen plaid and hounds tooth prints are making a comeback !!the prints or patterns of my childhood.

Most of the males, the professional males are sporting slip on ,high line, walking shoes.What with all the disrobing one most do to travel these days, it makes sense to wear your bedroom slippers !!

The man in the row behind talks on his phone in the terminal and on the plane very loud..he is a scout, college or high school for some kind of sport..that is his gig.Like that is important in the big scheme of the world! I could barely eavesdrop because it seems so unimportant to me.I should think, "wow..this guy could be finding the next Bart Starr!!!" or something like that. I suppose if people are handled correctly they can go to great places and do all kinds of great things.

Funny to me, the last two flights I was on "they" profiled and searched senior odd to me.. I guess if you look "terroristy " (that is stereotyping and that is bad ?) so they grab Bubbi and Zayda hmmm, when has a Bubbi done anything 9/11 ish.. I will admit every time I fly I wonder..should I have drove..

This airline has the cutest snacks ! I bought the healthy one , I am not even hungry but it is just so darn cute.

This past month has been a plethora of practice ...