in Hollywood people LOVE things, " I just saw your video and I LOVE your act ",
"He LOVES your costume, it is his favorite costume in the movie" I LOVE the LOVE!! it is very wonderful.. I loved my costume too

I loved my dressing room

I loved craft food services and the chef who made me something special and the fresh amazing juice bar

I loved all the director people

I loved all the production people

I loved that when I came down to the ground , the man ,KH, came up to me and said ," HI! I am the one who called you " and the most important people in the world told me they loved my work...

I loved hearing action, rolling, the amazing total stillness and intenseness and quiet , the directions,thank you and checking the gate..and all the movie words

I loved watching the reels

I loved my hair person and the way they would just come up to me and fix a curl

I loved my makeup persons and that my lips were always perfect

I loved all the wardrobe/costumers and the amazing attention to detail
and that Gail made me wings because she knew they were something I loved

I loved the people who drove me around

I loved watching the sun rise

I loved being myself in a different time

I loved the tent, the beautiful white canvas tent, the wooden poles