Ring of Fame 2011

Next on our big circus weekend was the 24th year of the the Ring of Fame.
This event takes place at St Armand's Circle in Sarasota, Florida.St Armand's Circle is an actual circle of a park.
The plaques are placed around the edge of the ring,circle,park.

It is a very slight lesson in circus history and politics.One must be nominated and sponsored..as I walked around the ring I thought of so many amazing circus people who have made a mark in the history of circus. I marveled and sometimes questioned the selections. I came to the conclusion that all who have a plaque deserve it, they had a sponsor who had the means and the passion to get them there.

I love living in Sarasota, Florida and being on the fringe of the circus as it changes and evolves from its splendid , rich brocade of family entertainment.

As long as I can I will make the pilgrimage to the Ring of Fame and pay homage to those that have made a mark.

This year I am writing a letter and suggesting some greats who have made history..