Jake Conover

Jake Conover stopped by the other day to pick up some web casings I had dyed.

A web is the covered rope we climb up to do aerial artistry.

This is a frustrating time consuming job, it is not even worth describing in detail... I liken it to peeling grapes and not eating them or changing a tire in the mud.In short dying something stiff and big in scalding hot water that turns everything thing black and is tricky to manipulate.This material is like fire hose. It is a rewarding job, so I won't gripe another second !

Web casings is inconsequential, Jake is worth writing about. This man loves life, he loves everything about the circus. From the trucks, he has a very cool Ford 650 , to the bull tubs to the lights . he digs it all.

When Jake talks about his travels, his eyes light up . I think Jake views a successful journey as a brilliant multi functional puzzle with pieces perfectly fitting together. His journeys involve delivering his wonderful rigging and props to negotiating deals, visiting shows and show people.

Jake and Mary and family have helped me by supplying me with the rigging I need to do my job for many years !!