the big screen

David Hunt is the slack wire artist in the BIG movie!

He was my spec partner, perhaps in the script we were some kind of a couple both being featured artistes.

The production was some kind of I dream of genie, harem, turkish,oriental deal.

In spec we walked behind the Zebras !! that was exciting!! that part didn't make it to the big screen but iron jaw and drunken slack wire did...

The amazing costume designer Jaqueline and her assistant Gail made me beautiful wings because they had seen my act and knew that I was a wing kind of gal. I loved that they had made me wings.

I brought my own wings and a headpiece with me because they are security blankets and I thought for sure my teeth were going to fall out and I would be doomed and miss my big shot.

I showed them my wings and headpiece and they were very sweet and said they were lovely .I felt like such a quack dork,what kind of person would bring there own wardrobe pieces to a movie ????

However I saw RW talking about her charecter on the HBO special and how she would have made her own I suppose that was life imitating art or art imitating life or is there any difference?