Do aerialists live in airstreams?

I don't know what possessed me to replace the old , tired decals...

I guess I was tired of my trailer looking tired

Old decals don't want to come off, I used many different methods. My favorite is a warm/hot iron over a soaking wet cloth. Most of the decal peels off with this method.
Mineral spirits are best for glue residue. I used alcohol, some 3m toxic thing, goo be gone.. a blade, I tried them all

it is mostly elbow grease

putting the new decal on is no picnic either! a two person yelling
we super cleaned the area, rubber off all dirt with alcohol, made a solution of 4 drops dish soap and water, sprayed, peeled, squeegeed....
over the rivets we used a hair dryer and pushed on the rivets with a tennis ball

we waited and waited the more you squeege the better it sticks...we used a mini credit card for the corners...

We are going to be so cool and popular!!!