Joe Abene 1961-2012 a friend

I am a pretty lucky person, I have met some wonderful people in my life. I have these totally incredible talented brilliant friends that I love and even though I don't see some for many years their gifts or greatness or the things we have shared stay with me and make me a better person !! in spite of myself ! One such friend is Joe Abene of the Bronx. He was a wildlife conservationist. He was brilliant .He knew so much about reptiles . He knew so much about the human condition . He had a life of incredible experiences .He worked at the Bronx Zoo in reptile land .He was a Yankees fan .He was a bodybuilder. In the 1980's he was part of this band "The Unjust", he played bass . They were part of the heavy metal experience.He saved parts of this planet.He was not afraid to go after his dreams and he would take any path, especially the one less traveled .He made me a cool loop of my iron jaw from my little movie thing. He read my blog .I was looking forward to Joe coming to the circus and meeting Marshall and Fresia .It is so terrible when we lose friends .I am really sad that we lost Joe .I am a pretty lucky person that he was my friend .