508 shows..

those 38 weeks flew by, ..closing day was cool weather . I felt amazing strong and thin . We had been packing and putting a lot of stuff in the pick up and cookhouse had been bumming me out . I was into making pancakes for Fresia, Marshall and anyone who deserved them . I guess I was on the pancake diet . Wow I am a blithering idiot.. Back to closing day , Marshall sounded so great . All the trumpet parts he wrote himself.. he was unamplified but played sweeet and loud ! how nice.. just like the good old days. I am doing trapeze and get to have a look behind me and see/hear him blowing his horn. Fresia was so jazzed about closing day. Mostly she was expecting to have some big emotion. We talked about " how she felt " , she said she didn't feel happy or sad., just strange that she couldn't do " it " tomorrow..I think she was proud , she only missed part of 1 show, when she got whacked in the eyes with a scarf . Marshall , Mike drummer, clown Ryan and Raul were the only people that did not miss a show .