Playing in the water

After our sweaty cranky drive on Monday the 15th of July we arrived on a lush green park next to the Allegheny river. That was a delightful place to be . A bunch of us went to the non murky section of the river to cool off . I spied Fresia and others across the river . Tavana informed me it was shallow enough to walk . I went to join them . Fortunately I met up with them mid stream . There was a strong current because the dam had been open over the weekend to raise the water level for a kayak or something race . It was funny getting back to the shore the biggest, strongest guys pulled everyone on floaties and if you tried to swim against the current you went backwards .. Refreshing and soothing and an adventure.
Our next big group water adventure was in Lake Erie , a very light chop and tiny current . The water was perfect temperature ! By perfect I mean, dive in and not even lose your breath or chatter , the water was a glorious temperature . A large part of the show went for a dip, a splash, a 2 man high . Such a great happy fun time !! Except for the part when Marshall thought he drowned his phone..but he didn't..

there was a lot of this