8 days in Indiana

May 9 ,2014.There have been some some extremes in the weather department . Hail the size of marbles during the shown was pretty crazy .

Today is May 10 and we had some fun celebrating of Fresia's birthday !The weather was perfect !! Blue sunny skies , a grassy lot and early shows .. Fresia decided she wanted the whole show to come !! 6 12 packs of soda , 1.5 case of beer, 2 large watermelons , 4 lbs of strawberries ,25 pizzas ( pineapple was very popular ) a case of water , 20 lbs of ice , a 1/2 sheet of cake ( that a lovely baker lady made fresh that day at a very nice market !
  thank you friends !

I guess we love pizza because last Saturday ( May 3 , 2014 ) we were treated to pizza at the wonderful Charlestown Pizza Company in Charlestown , Indiana . Mashed potato pizza ,bacon brownies ,crazy great wine and beer and ciders ! AMAZING ! thank you JRN2 and Tajana and Sean !!

On the very day of the pizza party Nic S ran a mini marathon and came in 990 in a field of 29 ,000 !!! and did 2 shows !

I bought some new pretty things while we were close to Indy .. I like pretty things