2/3 of the way

Today July 29 , 2015 is the 132nd town ,the 174th day and shows 330,331
Summertime is a sweaty time . It is all about the water cycle .
I want to swim and drink iced coffee .
I am over being on the defense with the animal rights people . Everyone talks about being pro active .
Carolyn is in the trenches trying to reach out to these people . They say they are trying to "free"  the animals from a life of slavery . And then what ? they just roams the streets and eventually die ? They need to join our team and join the journey and really live and work and care for animals . They are like children with their home made signs . The activists have not a clue . There is so much bad stuff to fix in the world , people with rotten teeth , the heroin and meth problems , terrorist activity , poverty , heath care , obesity , illiteracy , GMO food , toxic run off , transportation issues , feral cats and dogs ..I could go on and on .The circus is one of the good places and one of the great things that makes all the bad go away for a little bit , and to let us know there is hope for us .