Journey to Kelleys Island on August 2 , 2015

This is my fourth trip to Kelleys Island . The entire show boards the ferry ,about 10-14 trips . It is a fine couple of days  . I am usually on one of the last ferries over because I drive a non essential vehicle , a seat wagon . Somehow I got on the second or third ferry with llamas, zebras , camels etc etc , I arrived in daylight and was part of the parade that gets cheered by the public . The boat ride over was the highlight of my trip . I had  expectations of some fun . The first night was the night I deserved , it began innocently enough riding a gulf cart and enjoying the sunset . At some point someone bought some shots of tequila and Fresia offered to help drink...She got kicked out of the joint , but she tried to cover it up , " they told me I couldn't be by the pool tables " or some bs. I did have some nice moments , my intense massage @the little healing room , lovely lobster bisque @the pump restaurant , enjoying the perfect weather and the audience that love this fine jewel of a show made it a breath of fresh air .