Delilah made Couscous

Thursday January 29, 2009

The building had this gorgeous aluminum extension ladder.I am off the ground, I can swing.
The people I am on the road with say things that keep me going, inspired, amused.I decided to post some of their words.
"In weather like this, when it is really cold ,I can feel every way that I have been f---ed up by a pig."
" Today,Are you BeckyBoo or Becky BooHoo?" "You know how in theater actors have their motivation?, My motivation is that glass of wine,is that wrong?"
"it is what it is"
"Are people just stupider in this town?"
"Grain and raid is how they say green and red,but the final consonant is silent so I am clueless"
There is this guy on the show he has perfected the duct tape stall and the gloves on and off stall.The duct tape stall is kind of my favorite because I have never seen someone make such a masterpiece of opening a roll of duct tape.It sort of resembles surgery but he has to do the nurse part and be the surgeon.
Here is a little factoid Tennessee has a 9.25 % tax on alcohol!