easy work easy money

Wednesday January 28, 2009
OK so we got to show in some animal barn thing! yup Sawdust and Spangles and ..........
Freezing cold! I couldn't get a good photo.So I am using something from last year.
It didn't look at all like this !This photo is a building/barn/equestrian center of note. It was too high for all manner of ladder , So with a cash incentive I got the prop guy to throw a rope attached to a shackle over the beam.I hooked a rope I could climb ,tied off pull/throw rope and climbed up rope and while at the top of the rope squeezing my legs together like mad and holding on to the beam sort of I choked my trusty span sets on beams/truss,and then using a rope with a pulley I pulled up my trapeze !we did the same throwing thing with a heavy rope for my silks. ta da! easy work ,easy money !! Tear down was pretty fast.Unfortunately it was below freezing and one wall of the building was missing!!Fortunately business was pretty ok and Kris Mangor came to visit and we had excellent pizza and even more excellent wine!