Circus Ring of Fame

Sunday January 17, 2009

Dear Diary,

What can I say about a sunny, 70f, perfect day in St Armand's Circle,Sarasota Florida. The wonderfulness of just simply being there. St Armand's Circle is a place of beauty.The architecture, the shops, the "life is very good "ness of it all.

At this beautiful place we honored circus performers who have made a mark in circus history and have made the occupants of this planet happier, awed, amazed,thrilled and entertained.

The honorees are given wagon wheel plaques. You can walk around this pretty circle and read about all kinds of circus greatness.

Joy , and that emotion that happens when something is so big inside you that you lose all control and shed a tear.. I don't have a word for that emotion.That is how some people felt while thanking and sharing their lives. I loved hearing peoples stories.

Politicians proclaimed the wonder of circus. It was noted the importance and splendor of this special city where circus lives.

This is my favorite circus day so far this year!

animal trainers, aerialists, side show impresario