I am a fourth generation bluish girl

January 14, 2009

Only a fool talks about the weather. I will be that fool. The sun is out, it is warm . Today practice felt amazing!!

I am bluish, if I wear blue it becomes me, so with that in mind I am covering my trapeze with blue denim..durable , fashionable and actually if you didn't know it was "jeans" one would think it was quite spifforific..easy on the eye

Today I had my favorite practice buddy, Simone , to practice with and we had a time !!! We were delirious with the privledge of warm air.Ron spotted us when we did new ,maybe could be dangerous stuff.

Robin bought my favorite *$ 's bev.

April took my new costume to paint, I am very thrilled because she is a great painter artist..I will be very popular with my new costume

After practice my funny, fruity friends finagled some fresh fruit from my fabulous tangelo trees..ta da ..