Easter Sunday and I am a fabulous electrician

April 4, 2010

Here we are. The tent is set up, my stakes are pounded into the rocky Terra firma.
The Scythian is tidy.I am going to sit under my awning and make lists.

I somehow was able to assemble my contribution to the Easter dinner. I am famous in my circus society for my groovy greens . Today I ventured into the land of sweet potatoes. yeah, yeah any idiot can make sweet potatoes ! BUT what idiot will peel and chop and mash and lovingly fold garlic and an obscene amount of butter into those dirty , sweet delectable spuds? I, it is I..

We set up today, however it is an official day off. Better yet this is a 2 day spot..well 3 because of Easter.

Yesterday was a 1 day 3 show day...during the Rolla Bolla act I ran to my trailer and drank Greek yogurt with honey..my day was so action packed it was amazing..It was a good kind of action because as the announcer I get to throw caution to the wind and say insane amazing true statements AND I get to sort of dance and and I can wear wild outfits . Being a ringmaster/host/hostess ..is time consuming and one does use one's brain BUT it is a heck of a lot more fun than climbing on beams and dragging thousands of pounds of cables and ladders all over Timbuktu.

I am having Adventures in the Air believe you me but this is the "Lewis and Clark Circus" we work in a tent. My rigging is the same every day.

One more thing Dear Diary, for every ringmaster who has announced me and said those wonderful words and put up with me..thank you
and all you people who have listened to me and shared your ideas and ways to announce..thank you