yesterday was Yom Kippur.

I drove and atoned..

I accidentally fasted most of the day .

We had a sweet birthday party for Pam and Divad.. there was amazing food.. I have to ask Maria P. about that rice..there was some massive pork that was incredible...

someone had a concert ( Marshology- means blew lunch !!)

Even though it was a day of atonement, I thought about how lucky I am and I think one should be thankful that one has these gifts, skills. I think one should be grateful one has the ability to do things and the drive to accomplish things. Everything we have can change in the time a milk drop hits the ground..

I am far from perfect and I suppose being thankful on Yom Kippur is probably not the right thing to do

I will try to be more tolerant and take time to be in someone else's shoes