circus truck stolen!

just one of those things..the tent guys take a truck to go to the gas station for generator gas and soda pop..they come back to the lot , leave the keys in the ignition ,SOP..the next morning during set up tada..the truck was absent !! cuz a town folk STOLE it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yup yup yup the stories that went on ,between the masses..
1) took the truck to the bar, running their mouths
2)if it was my show I would never let anyone take a truck
3) they walked to the bar, I couldn't go it was too late they returned by 12:46 am the truck was still here
4) I heard it on the scanner someone stole a circus truck
5) found it in a cornfield, running ,30 miles from the town
6) there has got to be more than ,"I just went and got gas, because we are in a white neighborhood with white people"
7)there are so many crack heads and criminals just looking for stuff to steal
8)so with all those freakin yappy dogs not a peep...
9) they left the keys in the ignition, oh that is asking for it
10)well there was nothin worth anything in that truck
11)let me get this straight
NEXT BIG EVENT Sladek is doing his chair act and one of his leveling boards cracks !!!danger,HE ALMOST LOSES IT ON 4 CHAIRS NEVER EVEN MAKES IT TO 6
he comes down early ! I am in my trailer changing and all of a sudden I hear him apologizing on the mike..I bolt out of the trailer , grab the mike and start doing a stall. The next act comes a running and says , "if you are going to cut your act , let me know "?

NEXT BIG EVENT the lights and sound start going all crazy ..Michelle H does something electriciany and fixes something BUT we have a super long intermission cuz we couldn't get anything to work

in between shows I paint a lot of face....we don't even let people in till 10 minutes after show is supposed to start because ....
NEXT BIG EVENT the second show begins and the sound and lights start going crazy again..turns out some kind of plug thing (the intense 4 color ones wasn't really plugged in

we finish the show, everything is fine and we all drive to the next town.
Jimmy goes to double back for the bunk house,the blue 550 is in the shop..but he goes without a hitch(you need this for towing)because the hitch got moved to another truck to locate trailers while the stolen truck was still stolen

Sladek and Chaz chase him down , give him the hitch...

tomorrow is another day
normally things are pretty smooth