14 hours in the air

At 12pm , the plane took off from Atlanta. We flew northwest through the Yukon and over the North Pole next south through China when we got due west of Seoul the pilot took a hard left .It was quite spectacular, lots of ice and snow and mountains and kind of made me remember Dr.Zhivago.The plane food was Korean and tasty or I was starving !

I got to Manila around 11pm and there were so many people and there were so many people getting so much luggage or boxes wrapped in tape and traffic and smoking and yelling and it is amazingly warm.

I asked the local "people" where to go to meet my ride, silly me.

"The people" directed me to this intense lower level out of the airport , A place where everyone wants to call your friends and let them know you are in town. Unfortunately I had no numbers ! I only knew the venue was a coliseum. I knew the hotel was walking distance and I knew it was across the street from one of the hugest malls in the world. I very sadly turned on my cell phone and started calling people at 5am their time. I finally had a stroke of genius and texted Steve C he gave me the name of the hotel,I called the hotel in mild hysterics , the manager talked to my director person and all I had to do was stay in the nice safe pretty part of the airport and go to the nice pretty taxi place and they just bill the hotel...how easy , how sweet.. how stressfree

Well let me tell you , I loves this hotel! I am feeling the love! room service yes !!! a pool yes yes !!A spa! triple yes! I was having trouble with my computer and my new assistant John the "check in and figure out how to get a cab guy" fixed it and they carry your luggage and tell you how to work the lights and when I went to the lobby to go online they carried my laptop and my coffee.

I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy having assistants!!