Evansville 2010

The Hadi Shrine Circus is a big Thanksgiving date I first did in 1995.

The drive there is 907 miles. We always leave on the Monday before and return the next Monday very late.

This was the last year in the Roberts Stadium venue, it is being rebuilt in downtown Evansville.

We who work there call ourselves circus hotties (Hadi)

Paul K. was absent this year because of a health issue, this man is amazing and has produced this date for 40 years !!

This year I had extra passengers who happily pitched in for diesel and helped drive!!

Spartacus and Electra were breeding on the drive up which was entertaining and annoying.Fortunately they stopped after a 10 day love fest.

I am an and/or sister , this means my contract has a lot of and/or in it. I performed rings, fabric, web and rode an elephant named Becky.

This year was a pretty mellow, melancholy Evansville. I had a lot of self loathing. The lighting in the dressing room is hideous . I hated all my costumes. I hated my body.. I felt very strong and worked well ..I am a little weird in the head sometimes

I do love love love doing this date, the rigging is easy and fun , there are riggers in the ceiling !! Once I set up I only perform !! how awesome and miraculous is that ?

We get to visit with many wonderful friends.

Fresia said the Thanksgiving dinner was like school cafeteria food

I hope we get to do it again next year