3 shows a day for 21 days , impressive

My jobs on this fine show are as follows, face painting, ringmaster,aerial fabric and trapeze!! I was happily painting away, but the show was about to start! seeing as how I was going to be the ringmaster and all that I had to turn away 1 sad little boy...I promised him as soon as the show was over I would paint his face. I did, in wardrobe, sitting on the ring curb..how snazzy was that ???

In Sedalia, MO at the state fair we do 3 shows a day...one just has to pace oneself

This morning my truck was impounded because I didn't have my special pass in the right spot of my mirror, actually 3 circus trucks were impounded! I was forgiven because my pass fell off..

My day is mostly spent admiring the puppies , walking the dogs and making sure Electra is hydrated and fed . I suppose that is pretty great that I have something to consume me and I don't just sit around feeling sorry for myself and getting angry that Marshall and I aren't trouping around the planet together