Alice in Wonderland

Today we woke up at 5.15 AM ! to drive out of the Rio Grande Valley.. Au revoir.. In the town of Falfurrias there is a border inspection station. The truck and trailer I was driving must have smelled mighty fine because the police dogs went wild.. I pulled over to the side, as instructed. I had to sit down in the detainment awning area while they drove around with a giant CSI xray device.Everyone on the show said I was profiled.. I got to the lot kind of late.That is always strange to get to the lot and everyone already lives there and you are the outsider.. Today we have normal show times..this is huge for me..we finish an hour earlier !! Today marks our 35th day of shows and we have been finishing shows every night at 10.30 the earliest ! Tonight we will be done at 9.30.. Today the new tent was blessed by a Circus Reverend, Father Dick Notterer. I think that is how he spells it. I believe it was a Catholic service. Marshall and I got there late because we were touring the local pawn shops and hardware stores. Cutting to the chase Fresia , my Jewish Princess got ashes on her forehead , " because everyone else did "... oy vay Tent blessings are nice and spiritual .