give me a break

John and Marshall inspecting the JoMar
Cookie dancing with ribbon
Fresia dancing with ribbon
ME being sparkly !
it all began last Thursday, I was so excited.. I had big plans for Laredo, Texas . when we arrived at the lot I smelt that smell. The cursed smell of brakes. We had not been over mountains . I knew we were doomed . It was a brake caliper deal.We took the truck in on Thursday to be repaired Friday , the wrong part was shipped . Truck was not ready till Monday afternoon . I had the thrill of driving ...well let's put it this way . It might have been something that could have gotten me a ticket or in jail.....ugh..but the important part is we did shows and next time take my hitch and isn't it nice to be on a show..a big show The truck is fixed and the dealer was kind enough to give a rental for gratis . We had the privledge of driving back and getting the truck, a mere 244 miles..a normal drive for some shows. Meanwhile our water tank was cracked and flooding the trailer. Once again Fridman saved the day . Our refridgerator is acting goofy .... We are on our 5th weekend of 6 packs..We finish every night at 10.30 at the earliest. We can't wait for normal show times and only 2 shows a day . My household is very cranky at each other . Well , we were very cranky at each other...