If you are a woman in show business or want to be one , you know about fishnets . Fishnet tights are the most brilliant invention known to showbiz. Danskin made the best, best fishnet tights ever !! These tights hold your legs and make you look bare legged, toned and almost flaw free . Now a while ago the manufacturer decided to quit making these tights !!! People started buying danskin fishnets like crazy ! A Danskin black market started . Rumor has it people were liberating tights from the BIG BIG show ( a circus that plays in buildings , that shall not be named ). These people were selling fishnets for as high as $40 a pair !! highway robbery ! Capezio makes fishnets but they are very stretchy ,not the girdle on your legs that Danskins is. Other dance suppliers started making fishnets. I started to freak out, what was I going to do ? I held on to my 10 pairs and kept mending . Last month I found a supplier, I cleaned her out , $15/pair btw ! A friend gave me a pair for my birthday ..AND THEN I googled Danskin and guess what ? Danskin has found a new manufacturer ! only 19.50/pair . Things are looking up