fun at school

Being on the road with your family and 4 dogs sure takes the word lonely out of your vocabulary. My old favorite time to write was at night , at the end of the day I would reflect and note all the highlights and low lights of my adventurous day. Now at night we walk dogs, turn the kitchen table into a bed, batten down the hatches , preset 3 pots of stovetop espresso, bump into each other, set 2 alarms ,take showers, remove makeup ,talk about current events ... blah blahblah . Once all that FUN is done and I am jockeying for a place to sleep in my bed and trying to reclaim my tempurpedic pillow from some dachshund and crawling over Marshall to my "side" of the bed ..well well well.. I lost a little of my great desire to journal . BUT today is another day on the mighty circus.. I am hanging out with Fresia and Arwen as they are catching WIFI at McD so they can do their virtual school . I am not actually hanging out .I walked them here, just 5 minutes from the gorgeous green grassy fairground lot with lovely trees and shade and blooming floral dogwoods . I got them food and made sure they were online and then I ran back to the lot to do "tent raising " , my second job . It is actually a perfect job for me ! I meet the people and tell them all about "US", the Kelly Miller Circus . The highlight of tent raising is watching the elephant pull up the center poles ,all 4 of them (poles). Tent raising (my part) takes about 1 hour . I tell them animal facts, circus statistics, number of people ,86. Length of tour 38 weeks . Size of tent 160' round. Length of show, time of show ,what is in show , what a show is. History of show.............well there is a lot to tell. My favorite part is answering questions !! After tent raising (my part ) I came back to McD to check on kids and get them some more sustanance .So here I sit, across the aisle from the scholars. Some other people from the show have come in .A bunch of town people are working on their laptops. I have a never ending list of projects . I forgot how hard the elements are on costumes..the cold, the costumes are just falling apart . Marshall needs new tux shirts. Fresia has outgrown her pirate costume !! I think she has grown 2 inches since February !! I end some helpful person just dumped out my coffee..a stranger ..grrrrrrr the end