hot air balloon rides !!

MAY BABIES HAVE A HOT AIR BALLOON PARTY AT THE KELLY MILLER CIRCUS !!! that is how we do it ! Sara organized the whole thing !! we all pitched in greenbacks ! event was from 7-9 am ! we had a 5.30 am call..brutal time to get up. I drove 65 mph the whole way, in a show truck, didn't stop for fuel..because I had plenty AND I had to get to the lot in my pajamas for the balloon asap !! we are also driving tonight because this town doesn't want us sleeping over..hmph Johnny Moss May 2 age 14.. GiGi Greene May 7 age 5... Fresia Eckelman May 10 age 13... Renzo Loyal May 18 age 13... Nathan Moss May 20 age 10.. a perfect day for balloon rides.. we took a snooze at 10 one for tent I am off to get our truck aligned and to buy fireworks and good gifts for FRESIA and the other babies !! feel free to send presents c/o Kelly Miller Circus, p.o. box 829, Hugo, OK 74743..