A massive amount of f-bombs

Geo thermal hand digging only ?? I should have known it was going to be one of those electric plugs ripping off , AT&T mifi device going goofy , wild and crazy , shoveling sand against the tide kind of day the moment I saw the geo-thermal sign. F-bombs are welcome in my life today. Marshall says I talk like a sailor .I dropped many f- bombs, I told the AT&T people their wretchedness was putting me over the edge ! There are only so many hours you can spend troubleshooting something junky before you snap like a twig. So many things I want to do in a day , clean my junky trailer, wash my crappy dishes, walk my bratty dogs, fix my pathetic costumes, all to get ready to do my HO HUM act..and today was almost a go do Bikram yoga day ! Instead, in Starbucks watching Fresia do school and listening to a Russian guy swear at his whore of a wife..oh joy , oh rapture..f this, f that