We are in showbidness..act like it

On the first morning on KI, I was doing my tent raising tour and someone comes up to me and asks me to keep my voice down . I turned and who did I spy with my little eye ?, our friend Fletcher ! What are you doing here , I queried .He replied he was on the other side, had a week off, called Armando, got the ok and squeezed on the lot. He was with his cute galfriend .Marshall, Fresia and I worked with Fletcher on some savory and not so savory shows . We had some fun times , did a lot of intense shows, ate a lot of chimichurri . One thing led to another and he worked on this show for the day , he does a tight wire act , he has real skills, he rocked it . Fresia loved his act ! It was fun to have something different in the show . I guess some people were " packed ". blah blah blah. We decorated the backstage notice just cuz . I guess our smackers all over the place packed people even more ! hot damn..we are on a roll.