I painted my room black when I was 14

I grew up in a family where one could paint their room ANY COLOR !! I had pink rooms and gold ceilings and grey floors and grey enamel walls and turquoise and red..I painted my room black once.. I thought it was so neat... They still tell that story, more like the story of painting over it.Dark colors are tough to cover up..Fresia room was so lovingly painted pink when she was a little baby girl. Pink with cherry trim. She is now a teen and decided to paint it . I think she even suggested black.. HA !!I think I said , " no". She went with a gray , "seal gray". I made her cool black and white paisely curtains. She wants to decorate the walls with record albums..I love this kid ! what a keeper ! I love the way she has her dreams and goes after them in her sweet organized youthful way..