living life

I wonder why it has taken me so long to see the amazing everyday beauty in life around me . The fur on my dogs, the silhouettes of the tall trees in our backyard . It has been a beautiful time here in Sarasota this winter . We have had friends and family visiting, lovely walks on the beaches , practice has been not too disgustingly wretched ,  meals have been entertaining , sleeping has been successful , we have been to some great events . People are getting married, having is happening .

This Sunday was the Ring of Fame in St Armands Circle .Chuck Schlarbaum is the maestro for this very huge band/orchestra and they play a concert before and during the plaques and tributes being awarded , people get style chords and entrance music .Marshall played his very old 1831 cornet and he said it felt good. Our friends the  Pablo Rodriquez family were honored , very great ! and Tim Holst and Charles and Mathias Coronas. It was a remarkable joyful day.

One of the cool things about the Ring of Fame is you can walk around the circle and visit the beautiful plaques, you can learn some history and marvel . My Friend Meg just happened to be visiting from way up north, so she got to visit her web teacher .