Circus Celebrity Night

Saturday the 19th of January was a wonderful night . It is called #Circus Celebrity Night. Our talented , humble and lovely friend Trudy Strong was the honored celebrity. She is from a very  large circus family, her parents were American Clowns ! She has a lot of sisters, one brother. She has a lot of talent and skills ,from impressive  aerial acts to all kinds of  animals (did I hear seals ? ) tigers, lion, dogs, horses,  contortion, juggling,so many different acts in her impressive career .I felt very privileged to be in the audience beaming and crying . 

I can not use enough words to describe the magnificence of living in Sarasota and having all these opportunities to be part of . We have circus life in all phases. The now , the then , the tomorrow, immortalized , honored , the tributes.This town has every element you can imagine in a big city..opera, ballet, art, BUT places were actually constructed and are still here today because and in the name of circus !!! I suppose I am rambling and not being very specific but I have practice and sewing and hot yoga and doing my 2012 taxes and family and doggies and washing the floors and getting my glasses fixed and sewing and the list never ends !
The weather is delicious . The winter is a very lucky time to enjoy this fair town.White sandy beaches , all kinds of architecture, art, flora, fauna . The history of Sarasota is fascinating to me now. I was never interested in " history " until I realized that people before me did these great things so I could have a lovely life . From writing the Declaration of Independence to those 7 brothers and 1 sister that fell in love with the talents of Dan Rice and followed their epiphany .In the olden days everyone rode horses , sang, read plays, sewed and played instruments. It was just what people did, some were better than others .