My favorite kind of sewing is things , not clothes, but actual objects . I enjoy making costumes and I love patching and repair of anything ,any kind of fabric . I like putting in zippers . I do like making new shiny happy sparkly costumes and accessories BUT there are so many steps ! For example , even if I have a pattern..I will have to alter and rip apart the seams and redo at least twice. AT LEAST two times with the seam ripper after I have double tightest zig zag stitched it. Then I get to finish construction and then the jewels and beads and sequins and accessories . For me personally that means a shiny adorable headpiece .

I started sewing when I was 4 or 5 ! My mom had this beautiful Necchi machine and when no one was looking I sewed, broke a needle , had to replace the needle and figure out the threading . I was very lucky because my mom was a big sewer and very unconventional ! She would whip up an orange eyelash lame' dress, lined with brown and accessorize with brown vinyl platformish pumps for a Bar Mitzvah , the day of the event . The impressive part was , she would not use a pattern . My other fortunate situation was that I come from a family, on one side , of garment makers and my grandfather Philip Ostroff had a place called Advanced Frocks and I would go there and get fabric and pattern paper and watch the people sew industrial style. It was a huge warehouse in a mill in Fall River, Massachusetts. The floors were wooden , there was a lot of light. The buildings were made of stone. The part I despised was that they used Formaldehyde to set the dye and it burned my eyes. I fell super in love with sewing when I was very young.When I was 5 or 6 years old I was into a turtleneck, matching tights and the famous Elaine Ostroff reversible jumper with pockets !  I remember in 6th or 7th grade wearing something different and amazing every day . I would get home from school and hit the sewing room. I made a yellow vinyl dress, a blue suede skirt . In high school I made my own amazing reversible jumpers with amoebic pockets for adults !! for cash !!! I decide to make my high school boyfriend a tuxedo shirt, with a pattern, it was orange, that was some crazy sewing.

This winter has been a challenging sew . I have made my Princess  Fresia  some costumes  , many fittings.. so happy . I have made vines, like in the jungle . For my vine project I used spandex, felt , foam , wire and a lot of thread ! My sister in law Jeanne Williamson Ostroff and friend Anita Vonderheid gave me good input . I have also made some accessories in the feather department . To top it off some adorable, marvelous costumes for me. It seems like so little, but I have been sewing a lot at the machine . At night as we watch our favorite cop shows and I hand sew and bead with dental floss . My little projects are almost finished !