Marshall is a fashion guy

Marshall is sporting a new look, he is the king of retro and will be taking his John Herriott collection of 1980 leisure suits on the road .
 I mean he will if we ever get out of dodge. We are supposed to be in Hugo right this very second ..We have been the victims of circumstance .This morning as we were ready to roll we noticed white smoke vomiting out of our exhaust pipe . I knew it was something with  an egr valve or worse a head gasket . Our mechanic took a look see and  put it in surgery..After making sure the head gaskets weren't blown ,they concluded the egr ( exhaust gas recirculation )or something in that department had done a pratfall . A quick repair ,under a g-note..not so turns out our turbo had cracked , but fortunately they had one in stock ! We were so happy ,we would be rolling by five  !! unfortunately it was the wrong one..fortunately they are getting the correct size turbo at 7.30 am..and very fortunately it happened here.. with our guys who know our Black Beauty .
The last few days have been filled with angst beyond belief . Stressful things and hemorrhaging money and waiting for the dmv to get it together and not sleeping ..
we were supposed to leave Wednesday , drive to Dallas , pick up the Scythian ,drive to Hugo, drive to Brownsville..The tent is going up Sunday . I have said too much, been too whiny.I should have realized when things seemed great I should have known around the corner...lurks the next lesson or test in life .I will never be cocky again .I will be thankful for everything .
In hindsight we have a had a marvelous winter. Sarasota has been so full of successful wonderful circus activity . I am so serious , great circuses and events everywhere ! What a town !