wowie !! The 75th edition of the Kelly Miller Circus opened yesterday !
we hit the ground running and  it has been a whirlwind of activity ! I am partial to this show , and  I gotta tell you it is great , entertaining and such a change from last year , Mike has Zebras at liberty  ! yup that's right , four beautiful zebras, waltzing, by 2 ,by 4, cut away, changes ,blah blah blah ..I don't know exactly the terms but impressive !! Carolyn has created a patriotic mixed animal act !!! People start clapping upon entrance ! so fun and so much action! Fridman is doing a chair balance act this year with a sweet theme . The clowns have a car , shut up and are a riot as always ! Head balance trapeze by Gerard , the Rosales family is doing perch pole , I am in the production ..whee .It is a tropical jungle theme, fire , dancing , stilt walker, feathers, color , ,the webs are vines, there are more vines in the air . I am doing trapeze and there are 4 webs . I had to take out a couple of tricks in my still routine ( but I don't mind ) , the music and choreography and costumes were a collaborative work with Tavana and Danny  at the helm . The finale is a birthday party with a cake and brilliant party hats and the most fun costumes !! We are all wearing converse or van type sneakers, because skipping and jumping on the crazy terrains need functional shoes . There are more acts that I didn't mention a mariachi juggler, tigers in a new huge arena,new gaucho act with spears etc.. , elephants being magnificent with super FUN music , hula hoops and a little bull with a matador !!
It begins , a whole new shiny show . New and different ..change is good we are all jazzed . The cool thing about this group , this recycled ensemble is their ability to change and do different amazing things .I guess that is the beauty of an ensemble . The ability to work together and make the total production bigger than all its collective parts .