hashtags and sewing

in the modern world of communication..what wild times we are having !! People have been reduced to less than one liners !! We have emoticons or emojis little pictorial icon things  :) I mean I like emojis . Lucky us to have hash tags #  , really?  is that what we have become ? We #dog or #bangs or any topic, things are written in abbreviated form. One example is #inaug2013 , take a phrase and type it into your browser or device and you can dive into the current modern thread of trends and ways and what does it all mean ?Are we too stupid or so overwhelmed with digital imagery we cannot have a freaking tangible thought ? What is wrong with writing a sentence ??????? ARGH or should I say @rgh..I guess we all have to flock like lemmings and twitter is a way to get your voice heard (how can you call it a voice when all that is importance is a single word)and instagram is such a clever way to share photos..I will not judge I will not judge... I will use these tools for good .
Sewing costumes, sewing is sewing not gluing !!! That is all I have to say on sewing, I have glued I admit it, in 1995 we were going on a new show and I was getting behind on costume construction so I used sparkly fabric paint and glued my rhinestones or sequins on . I have done that when I was desperate but it is not sewing it is gluing .. How wonderful and what a time saver gluing is! I mean we are so busy with our  # & @ . We are going to evolve into virtual people if we aren't careful .