except we drive our houses to different locations often

It is no lie that I have felt kind of sickish for awhile. I finally got sick of myself and went to some stranger doctor.. it turned out I wasn't a big crying baby. It turns out "I got the bronchitis and ain't nobody got time for that ".. Antibiotics and I even got an inhaler !! Shut the front door and stop the presses, I had forgotten what a breath of air was like..sigh..so I am feeling all happy and proud .

Meanwhile today so far has been pretty good . Fresia did great on her brutal civics test . I added more flowers to the vines . Jeremiah the cookie made pozole soup . Marshall fixed a few things around the trailer. We have a couple a shows and then a BBQ with Cousin Grumpy and and and a bunch of us old timers..ha ha ha ..I even make myself (if only myself) laugh .