bitter is as bitter does

Fresia asked me the other day , how could a person know anything unless they have experienced it or studied it . A very good example would be , math , pemdas or parenthesis, exponet, multiply, divide, add ,subtract . If you don't follow the instructions or know the formula or have seen it with your own eye ..well one just doesn't get it correctly.You end up getting a big fat F and perhaps some people think you are not very intelligent . Algebra is big on formulas and following them . Circus tales are the "seeing it with your own eye "..For example someone had a spatial interaction of the face with a prop . The story ranged from lip falling off, to face falling off , saw cutting face in half etc. It is always good to get the facts or you sound like a goof . For example when I started being the tour guide on the circus I had to learn everything I could about this circus !! EVERYTHING, from poop to advertising . I used many resources. I asked different specialists and I read and researched and asked again. I learned so much, crazy cool things. I didn't just run around spewing nonsense .. People have hobbies . Some people have hobbies that are interesting and productive like knitting or collecting things or pie making, but usually people are not only passionate but knowledgeable as well.
Professionals get paid for their services. When someone does something for a living it is not quite the same as a hobbyist . In conclusion , be that hobbyist if that is what you wish but please get the facts, the formula , we all get old and sadly leave planet earth..but why be stupid about it..think before you speak..look before you leap, measure twice and cut once ...and unless you are dimwitted try not to speak about something you know nothing about..can you imagine someone critiquing a Broadway musical but never seeing it ? ha ha ha .. I don't want to use any more bad words
the end