An action packed day

Today was filled with almost finishing my sewing projects and putting the finishing touches on the show . I am really excited about the production number , it is tropical jungle . The finale is a birthday party , FUN & festive. The clowns are now calling me Beckelman thanks to Sean Emery . Today as I was sewing through sticky Velcro I broke a needle , it was a challenge to remove it . I had to use tools , the reason it was so difficult was because I sewed through felt , feathers and spandex. Every department on the show is busy , welding , sewing , organizing, animal and distributing costumes , the musical department ... So many odds and ends. Opening day is tomorrow ! I do not feel like such a cow , trapeze was not too bad , so challenging to work to different music ! Shocking sad news , we lost our friend John Hansen , he was an agent now but in the past he did a dynamite platform roller skating act . He booked me a lot of jobs and was a really nice guy , so sad about losing another friend . However he is now in the great beyond with his wife Thina so hopefully they are doing whatever you do in the great beyond and having a sweet time .