sticks and stones may break my bones , but words will never hurt me

Today we are on a beautiful grass lot . The air is humid and we could get some weather .
On with the show ! In the production I am carried in a chair , the chair has round 1.5 " diameter dowels that go through the chair .That is how I make my big entrance .The warriors in pith helmets carry me in , the woman and girls are dancing , Lamont has just finished this great fire dance ..It is beautiful. Today a stick broke and I tumbled out of the chair onto my ? Who the f---  knows what I tumbled onto., my face or my side. I felt like ...extremely embarrassed..Julio and Raul said ,  "come on , get up , are you ok ? "..I got up and strutted to my web..full of adrenalin I piked up ..did my bit ..I kicked the tent twice for good measure..Of course , many people are having a good laugh at my exceptional bit of comedy..Ryan C yelled at his brother for not giving me a sound effect and Raul came by with a dolly for me to ride next show.. I told clown Alley that JRN2 said , 'keep it in ! put on a clown nose and you get coloring books..". I am really funny and totally missed my calling..
On the other hand Fresia and I have had a couple of successful days of shoe shopping