world circus day @ Kelly Miller Circus

We were very circusy all day..we awoke and we had electricity! All night power  !! it was freezing last night , however it warmed up during the day and was very nice !! I made some lattes and we turned on the TV , how bourgeois..and a movie called " Circus Boy " was on ..
Marshall and I drove like speed demons to the post office and then we did 3 shows . Fresia is doing web and I am doing fabric  in addition to trapeze  ( just for a few days ).. feels pretty good to do fabric and I love the music ! My music is an  "old friend " arranged or whatever it is called by Clark Weigle former Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers AND Kelly Miller Circus band leader and currently a Shakespeare actor and IT geek .. I played FLASH (photog) and got some cute snaps of the mixed animals and Fresia and Carolyn and Lamont and Carolyn's niece or something like that  . I was wondering how many times I can say  "and " in 1 run on sentence ..A great day was had , full of challenges and I was wondering how the heck I was going to get to the tippity top of my rigging.. but I did ..I think this is a poor excuse for writing but write I must bad or worse